Prefabricated steel silo

summary:The 5H series circulating dryer adopts a high slow to low temperature drying process, suitable for drying rice, as well as grains such as seeds or wheat. The drying process is gentle and uniform, with high thermal efficiency, low crushing and bursting rates, and the grain remains fresh and high-quality after drying;



Product features:

1. Large warehouse capacity and wide adaptability. The capacity of a single warehouse ranges from 50 to 12000 tons, and selecting equipment for temperature measurement, humidity measurement, ventilation, and discharge can meet the storage needs of different industries and materials

2. High manufacturing accuracy and strong interchangeability. All components of the steel plate warehouse are purchased

Produced using advanced fully automatic steel plate warehouse rolling assembly lines both domestically and internationally, with overall

Adopting an assembled structure, with a long service life

3. High level of automation for incoming and outgoing materials. The steel plate silo and steel plate silo group can adopt PLC system

Realize analog screen display and automatic control, improve production efficiency and warehouse management level; The steel plate warehouse and steel plate warehouse group can use PLC system to achieve automatic control of simulated screen display, improving production efficiency and storage level

4. Low investment and low cost. Compared to traditional warehouses, steel plate warehouses with the same capacity are used for storage

Save 30% -50% of resources, greatly saving labor costs. Reduced labor costs

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