5HZD-5.0 rice seed dryer

summary:Graded according to seed width and thickness, it can be used on a single unit and divided into two levels. Multiple machines can also be combined for precise grading, and seeds can be divided into three or four levels.



Product Introduction:

The 5HZD-5.0 rice seed dryer is a continuous dryer developed by our company specifically for drying rice seeds (grains). This product can achieve large-scale and efficient rice drying operations. During the drying process, a composite process combining high and low temperature, mixed flow, and slow drying is used to achieve safe moisture content and improve the grade of rice

Product features:

1. Adopting advanced mixed flow drying technology, with low unit energy consumption and high productivity

2. Evenly dehydrate, with low burst rate and thermal damage, and good seed quality after drying

3. The arrangement density of air ducts is high, the grain layer is thin, and the wind is evenly distributed to avoid material splashing during the grain feeding process

4. Adopting a patented unloading mechanism, easy seed cleaning and low crushing rate

5. The dryer adopts automatic control to monitor various performance indicators in real-time

Main technical parameters

1. Maximum production rate: 100t/d

2. Precipitation amplitude: 5% (18% -13%)

3. Total power: 128.5kw

4. Drying heat requirement: 180 × 104kcal/h (calorific value calculated based on outdoor ambient temperature of 0 ℃)

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