5BY-10P batch type seed coating machine

summary:The CL-5XY-40 cylindrical bed soil sorting and screening machine is suitable for processing bed soil in the seeding assembly line. It integrates bed soil crushing, mixing, and screening, and adopts a fully enclosed structure to automatically separate soil and stones inside the machine, ensuring the safety of operators. It can ensure that the bed soil particles output by the equipment are within the range of 0.1mm to 0.5mm, and can also be customized according to user requirements; Fully meets the requirements for seedling bed soil.



Main purpose:

Mainly used for coating granular seeds such as corn, wheat, cotton, etc. within the specified range of drug liquid ratio

Product features:

Adopting a unique atomization device, the seeds rotate at high speed and are fully combined with the atomized liquid, resulting in uniform coating and good adhesion; The use of peristaltic metering pumps for drug delivery results in high precision and wide range of drug formulation

Main technical parameters:

1. Productivity (kg/h): Corn (6000~12000)± 5% (kg/h)

2. Total power (kW): 15.5kw

3. Applicable agents: liquid and latex agents, as well as imported high concentration agents

4. Drug ratio: 1:20-1:150 (adjustable within the range)

5. Coating pass rate (coating uniformity)≥ 95%

6. Coating breakage rate:< 0.02%

7. Noise level (dB):< 85

8. Total weight (kg): 1025

9. Overall dimensions: Host: Long× Wide× High=1730× 1080× 3850

10. Medicine box: diameter× High=φ 906× 1190

keyword: 5BY-10P batch type seed coating machine

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