5XYF-6.0 cylinder classifier

summary:The flat classifier of this system is suitable for grading operations of corn, wheat, rice, cottonseed, and other materials. Selecting different sieves for grading based on differences in seed width or thickness can meet different grading requirements of customers. It can be used alone or paired with other cleaning equipment in a complete set.



Main purpose:

Graded according to seed width and thickness, it can be used on a single unit and divided into two levels. Multiple machines can also be combined for precise grading, and seeds can be divided into three or four levels

Product features:

The machine has advanced structure, stable performance, reliable use and simple operation, which is suitable for the requirements of modern seed processing

Main technical parameters:

1. Productivity (kg/h): 5000-6000 (calculated by wheat)

2. Power: 2.2kw

3. Overall dimensions (mm): length× Wide× High=2440× 840× 2685

keyword: 5XYF-6.0 cylinder classifier

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