【Product】5HZD fixed inclined bed type corn ear dryer


Release time:2021-02-03

5HZD fixed inclined bed type corn ear dryer

Product Introduction:

The product is a series of intelligent ear drying system designed for the situation of high moisture, large processing capacity and harsh natural climate environment during the corn seed harvest season, which is mainly suitable for the needs of large-scale production of corn seed processing plants, and can also be used for drying other lumpy or granular agricultural products and Chinese medicinal materials.


1. Using low temperature and large air volume drying process, corn seeds have high activity and good quality after drying;

2. It adopts unique drying warehouse structure, which is convenient to operate and uniform drying;

3. The corn drop device is adopted to prevent the ear from touching the corn grain when it falls;

4. The top of the silo adopts a straight-through belt machine and cloth driving and separation, the product is a patented technology, stable operation and simple operation;

5. The use of automatic grate hot blast furnace with heat exchanger chain, using coal or corn cob as fuel, high thermal efficiency, clean drying medium, can ensure that the dried corn is not polluted by flue gas;

6. The inverter is used to control the fan, start the high-power fan smoothly, and the fan speed is steplessly adjusted;

7. The advanced control system is adopted, which can realize feedback and display the temperature and humidity status in the warehouse and the status of the commutation damper.

Fixed inclined bed type corn ear dryer parameter table:

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