【Product】5HZDX-10 low temperature/low cycle/low crushing vertical seed dryer


Release time:2021-04-29



suitable for rice, corn, wheat, Seed drying operations such as rapeseed can also dry long-grain rice and legume crops that are easy to break.

2、Structure and parameters:

the machine consists of heat source part, dryer body, hoist, Electronic control detection system, dust removal system and other components.

length, width and height4.6x3.2x10.8m, drying chamber volume 23m³, drying temperature 43°C, precipitation rate 0.8-1.0/h, mechanical crushing increase rate less than 0.1%.


1) Using the international advanced low-temperature low-cycle full-section mixed flow drying technology, the length of the drying section is more than 3 times that of the grain dryer, the seeds flow from top to bottom between the pentagonal inlet pipe and the outlet duct arranged in staggered, and the heating is uniform in all directions, In the whole drying process, the rice seeds are only cycled 1+ times, which not only ensures the uniformity of drying, but also avoids the problem of crushing in the current cyclic drying.

2) The top feed and bottom discharge of the dryer are made of chutes, which avoids the mechanical crushing of seeds by the original auger.

3) The main fan adopts negative pressure induced air to suck hot air into the seed layer, and a dust removal fan is provided at the top grain pipe. Reduced dust outflow, less impurities in the seeds after drying, and clean environment.

4) The dryer has a closed air device, which can be suitable for drying small batches of seeds.

keyword: 【Product】5HZDX-10 low temperature/low cycle/low crushing vertical seed dryer