【Product】5HHX series circulating grain dryer


Release time:2021-05-07

Main technical features:

1. The drying process of batch mixed flow cycle drying is adopted, which is suitable for drying rice, rapeseed, wheat, corn and other grains. The drying process is soft, uniform, high thermal efficiency, low breakage rate, crack rate and waist burst rate, and the grain is kept fresh and high-quality after baking.

2. The internal and external structural parts of the whole machine are all made of high-quality steel plate spraying or high-quality galvanized steel plate, which is anti-corrosion, has a long life, and the dried grain is clean and pollution-free.

3. Precision CNC cutting punching molding, advanced manufacturing technology and perfect quality control system to ensure product manufacturing quality and machine working performance.

4. Unique quick assembly structure design, precise connection, firm, rainproof and leak-proof, easy to install.

5. The lifting and conveying supporting device has the characteristics of not damaging the grain and convenient cleaning.

6. The hot air temperature is automatically adjusted, the moisture is automatically detected online, the operation is simple and reliable, and the drying quality is guaranteed.

Performance parameter table of 5HHX series circulating grain dryer:

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