【Product】5HZ-17 horizontal dryer


Release time:2021-06-10

Product Introduction:
This model is a stacked batch drying equipment, suitable for drying rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts and Chinese medicinal materials and other materials, can also be used for other block or granular materials.
1. Small batch batch drying;
2. The number of drying ovens can be flexibly matched;
3. Convenient and flexible disassembly and assembly.
Product parameters:
1. Drying oven area: 2.586 square meters/drying box
2. Dimensions: 8745×2458×2180mm (6 groups of drying ovens).
3. Heating method: direct heating of fuel
4. Fuel consumption: 15-35kg/h (-10# diesel).
5. Total motor power: 8.37kw

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