Academician Luo Xiwen has released a new work, the first "flower rice flower" unmanned farm does this!


Release time:2021-08-11

"Qingyuan 'Hua Daohua' unmanned farm rice live broadcast, start now! With the order of Luo Xiwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of South China Agricultural University, the technicians officially started the software program, and an unmanned rice live broadcast machine began to sow rice in the field according to the preset program and route, and could realize automatic turning and obstacle avoidance, and soon a large field was sown with the seeds of "19 fragrant" silk seedlings.

Recently, the

live broadcast demonstration of the "Huandaohua" unmanned farm piloted by Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province and South China Agricultural University will be held in Jiangbu Village, Dongcheng Street, Qingcheng District. In the future, the pilot will rely on the introduction of a batch of equipment such as unmanned tractors, unmanned on-demand machines, unmanned harvesters, etc., which can automatically complete the unmanned operations of cultivation, planting, management and harvesting without people entering the farm, and strive to solve the problem of "who will cultivate the land"How to grow good land".

Why do you want to start an "unmanned farm"? Luo Xiwen said that it has started the construction of unmanned farms in many places, including rice, corn, peanuts and other agricultural varieties, and the original intention is to solve the problem of who will cultivate the land. "Many rural areas are facing the problem that the labor force left in the village is gradually aging, and they can still farm now, will they still be able to farm in ten years? He said, "Therefore, in the future development of agriculture, it is necessary to use machines to drive people and replace manpower, and I hope to continue to increase its popularization." ”

How to land scientific and technological achievements? "Unmanned farms do not mean that people are not needed, but that they need more skilled and high-quality talents. Luo Xiwen said that unmanned farms have been piloted and promoted across the country, not to "do performances", but to form replicable and generalizable technologies and teach farmers to operate. Relying on local leading enterprises, large planters, cooperatives, etc., cultivate a group of technical talents and realize the localization of scientific and technological achievements.

"Unmanned farms can effectively improve the quality of operations, reduce production costs, improve the utilization rate of land and fertilizers and pesticides, and achieve uninterrupted operations throughout the day." Academician Luo Xiwen introduced that in addition to solving the problem of who will farm the land, unmanned planting under the control of Beidou positioning signal and computer can harvest and sow 20 acres of land in an hour, which is faster than people driving machinery; In addition, because the planting is more precise and scientific, in last year's pilot planting, the yield increase ratio was as high as 10%, "these 130 mu are only a pilot this year, and next year we will promote and expand the scale on this basis, realize the cultivated land for cultivation and management, and solve the problem of some cultivated land desertion." ”

The "Huandaohua" unmanned farm project will adopt "Huandaohua" according to the characteristics of the season and variety Crop rotation mode, that is, the first planting of lotus seeds and early maturing lotus roots from March to July, relying on the scenery of lotus leaves to develop rural tourism, and harvesting agricultural products such as lotus roots, lotus seeds, fish and shrimp; The second is to plant functional rice molybdenum rice from July to December, combined with the mode of fish farming and shrimp farming in rice fields to form ecological three-dimensional agriculture; The third is to plant rape flowers in winter from December to March of the following year, and combine tourism projects to create a brand of rape moss and rape flowers. The implementation of the project will realize the cycle of three-dimensional cultivation on the same land, combining water and drought, from the original one to the current three crops, and the value and income of farmers are higher than the original traditional planting.

Lei Yuchun, vice mayor of Qingyuan City, said that Qingyuan has built the first unmanned farm demonstration

base in Jiangbu Village, gradually promoted the pilot, maturation and promotion of unmanned farm production methods, and gradually expanded the demonstration area in the pilot and exploration, so as to form a complete set of unmanned farm technology and equipment technology system suitable for Qingyuan and even Guangdong rice production, and promote and apply it in Qingyuan rice planting area. With the technical support of Academician Luo Xiwen and his team, the city will actively promote agricultural mechanization and intelligence, and strive to create a "Qingyuan model" that can be promoted throughout the province. At the same time, combined with the direction of talent training in the provincial vocational education city, the experimental field will be built into a base integrating experimentation, promotion and student practical training, and promote the city's rural revitalization to continuously achieve new results.

Source: China Agricultural Mechanization Herald

keyword: Academician Luo Xiwen has released a new work, the first "flower rice flower" unmanned farm does this!