What to do if corn is overly controlled? Do both well to recover


Release time:2021-08-12

Corn spray control agent can reduce plant height and panicle height, promote root growth, improve lodging resistance, promote ear development, improve corn yield and quality and many other advantages, widely used in corn production, but due to a variety of reasons, there is excessive control of wang, how to take remedial measures?


  Symptoms  of drug harm Corn control agent is a plant growth regulator, the

main control component is ethephon, ethephon by inhibiting the synthesis of gibberellic acid and cytokinin in the plant, thereby achieving the purpose of inhibiting internode growth, once the control is excessive, there will be slow plant growth, or even stop growing, the internodes are too short, the plant is short, the male spike branches are reduced, the female spike is difficult to extract, or even unable to be withdrawn, the leaves are narrow and long, and finally cause a serious reduction in yield.

  Causes  of occurrence

(1) The dosage is too large: in corn production, the most widely used corn control agent is 30% amine fresh ester ethephon water agent, the control agent has good safety, easy to use, cheap price and other advantages, generally per mu each time in 20 ~ 30 ml, if the amount per mu exceeds 30 ml, it will cause excessive control and slow plant growth.

(2) Soil drought: corn control agent, mainly used for growing too strong, there is a tendency to grow corn field, if there is no rainfall for a long time, the field drought is serious, the plant itself grows slowly, if you spray the control agent, drug damage may occur.

(3) Corn varieties: the main function of corn control agent is to shorten the length of 1~3 sections at the base of the stem, reduce the height of the plant and the height of the ear, improve the resistance of corn to fall, can only be used for corn varieties with a plant height of more than 265 cm, for corn varieties with a plant height of no more than 260 cm, there is no need to spray corn control agent. Once the control agent is sprayed, it may further reduce the plant height.


   Remedial measures

(1) Spray plant growth regulator, once corn is overly controlled, it is necessary to spray plant growth regulator in time to alleviate drug damage, you can use 3.6% benzyl amino, gibberellic acid water agent 20~30ml, mixed with water 30 kg uniform spray, can quickly alleviate drug damage, and promote the growth of stems and leaves.

(2) Top dressing and watering: For plots with severe soil drought, it is also necessary to water in time, and combined with watering, topdressing 10 kg of urea per mu can also reduce the symptoms of drug damage and make the plant quickly recover growth.


Source: Suiyang Agricultural Sciences

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