5W-5.0 type eye type sorting machine

summary:Mainly used for coating granular materials such as corn, wheat, cotton, etc. within the specified liquid ratio range.



Main purpose:

This machine can be used to remove short and long grain impurities from crop seeds. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment. It is an ideal equipment for sorting and grading materials such as wheat, rice, and melon seeds according to their length

Product features:

The entire machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, which avoids the harm of dust to personnel and has good safety performance; Replacing the socket tube is more convenient

Main technical parameters:

1. Productivity (kg/h): 5000

2. Total power (kW): 2.2

3. Overall dimensions (mm): length× Wide× High=4390× 1088× 2402

4. Diameter of socket tube (mm):φ 800

5. Socket tube length (mm): 2712

keyword: 5W-5.0 type eye type sorting machine

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