5XC-2.0 melon seed sorting machine

summary:The entire system is designed to be innovative and specifically designed for the delicate and difficult task of peeling.



Main purpose:

This model can clean materials such as melon seeds, wheat, corn, sorghum, cottonseed, rice, etc. by changing the sieve and adjusting the air volume

Main parameters:

1. Production capacity: 2000kg/h (feeding amount)

2. Fan speed: 1100r/min

3. Screen box inclination angle: 4°

4. Screen box vibration frequency: 300 times/minute

5. Screen box amplitude: 30mm

6. Overall dimensions: length× Wide× High=3480× 1980× 1218mm

7. Feeding hopper height: 905mm

8. Machine net weight: 1400kg

keyword: 5XC-2.0 melon seed sorting machine

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