5XDS-5.0/10.0 flat screen classifier

summary:This machine can be used to remove short and long grain impurities from crop seeds. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment, making it an ideal equipment for sorting and grading materials such as wheat, rice, and melon seeds according to their length



Main purpose:

The flat classifier of this system is suitable for grading operations of corn, wheat, rice, cottonseed, and other materials. Selecting different sieves for grading based on differences in seed width or thickness can meet different grading requirements of customers. It can be used alone or paired with other cleaning equipment in a complete set

Product features:

The double screen box self balancing structure ensures smooth operation. The rubber ball cleaning screen has a simple structure, convenient cleaning machine, and reliable use. The bottom plate of the sieve box can be changed, improving the grading ability. The vibration frequency of the screen box is stepless and adjustable

Main technical parameters:

5XDS-5.0 Classifier:

1. Productivity 5000kg/h (calculated by wheat)

2. Power: 2.2kw

3. Overall dimensions: length× Wide× High=3040× 1850× 3000 (mm)

5XDS-10 Classifier:

1. Productivity 10000kg/h (calculated by wheat)

2. Power: 6.25kw

3. Overall dimensions: length× Wide× High=3840× 1950× 4280 (mm)

keyword: 5XDS-5.0/10.0 flat screen classifier

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