CL-2BL-1 Automatic rice seeding and sowing line

summary:The CL-0918 vegetable, flower, tobacco seedling and air suction precision sowing assembly line can fully automatically complete the seedling and sowing operations of vegetables, flowers, and tobacco crops, automatically laying soil, scraping, sowing, covering soil, and watering; There are multiple types of suitable seeds for sowing, with photoelectric sensing and intelligent and efficient; Touch screen control, easy to operate and master; It is suitable for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and tobacco in various places. This product fills the blank of domestic full-automatic vegetable, flower and tobacco seedling seeders. The progressiveness, safety, suitability and reliability of this product have reached the domestic leading level, and the promotion and application effect is good.



The full-automatic rice seedling raising and sowing assembly line produced by our company has a high level of automation, which can achieve soil spreading, watering, sowing, soil covering and other links in one go. It is suitable for the seedling raising and sowing of conventional rice, Hybrid rice and various varieties

Main technical parameters:

1. Operation process: subsoil → watering → sowing → covering soil

2. Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm): 5138x518x1118

3. Weight (KG): 200, power (W) 850

4. Seeding amount (g/plate) 50-350, bottom soil box volume (L): 66

5. Sowing box volume (L): 45, soil cover box volume (L): 66

6. Watering amount (L/tray): 0.5-2. Rice tray conveying method: belt conveying

7. Various adjustment methods: handle and stepless adjustment

8. Operation efficiency (disc/h): ≤ 400

keyword: CL-2BL-1 Automatic rice seeding and sowing line

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