CL-5XY-40 cylindrical bed soil finishing screening machine

summary:Suitable for small and medium-sized corn seed production enterprises and corn seed parent ear drying operations, as well as drying corn, rice, wheat and other seed grains. Low equipment investment, low operating costs, high work efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. “



The CL-5XY-40 cylindrical bed soil sorting and screening machine is suitable for the processing of seedling bed soil in the seeding assembly line. It integrates bed soil crushing, mixing, and screening, and adopts a fully enclosed structure to automatically separate soil and stones inside the machine, ensuring the safety of operators. It can ensure that the bed soil particles output by the equipment are within the range of 0.1mm to 0.5mm, and can also be customized according to user requirements; Fully meets the requirements for seedling bed soil

Main technical parameters:

1. Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm): 1450x510x830

2. Structural form: mobile duplex operation

3. Overall weight (kg) 175

4. Supporting power (Three-phase electric power) (KW): 3

5. Motor speed (r/min): 1450

6. Crushing shaft speed (r/min): 928

7. Rotary speed of drum screen (r/min): 59

8. Material falling form: Inertial gravity material falling

9. Diameter of cylindrical sieve (mm) φ 370

10. Crushing and mixing plate diameter (mm) φ 260- φ 334

11. Productivity (T/h): 4

keyword: CL-5XY-40 cylindrical bed soil finishing screening machine

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