5HPS-8 low temperature/static/no crushing horizontal seed dryer

summary:Suitable for drying rice, corn, wheat, rapeseed and other grain seeds, as well as drying easily broken long grain rice and legume crops. “



1. Main purpose:

Suitable for small and medium-sized corn seed production enterprises and corn seed parent ear drying operations, as well as drying corn, rice, wheat and other seed grains. Low equipment investment, low operating costs, high work efficiency, flexibility, and convenience

2. Structure and parameters:

This machine is composed of a heat source part, a reversing device, a drying box, and an electric control detection system. Length, width, height 5.6mx2.07mx2.08m, drying room volume 4/8/12/16m ³ 、 The drying temperature is 43 ° C, the precipitation rate is 0.8-1.0/h, and the increase rate of mechanical crushing is zero

3. Main features:

1) Suitable for multi material drying operations, it can dry various materials such as seeds, grains, traditional Chinese medicine, flowers, peppercorns, fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc. in the form of granules, blocks, sheets, balls, rods, strips, branches, flowers, etc

2) A centrifugal fan is used to suck hot air into the seed layer, and the wind direction can be automatically switched according to the drying time. Negative pressure is generated in the drying box, and dust does not leak out. This solves the problems of "hot air blowing into the seed layer from the bottom up, uneven moisture content in the upper and lower seeds, manual material flipping during the drying process, and easy dust generation" in current box drying machines

3) A specially designed unloading mechanism has solved the problems of unclear material discharge and the need for manual unloading in current box dryers

4) Multiple heat sources can be used, including oil fired furnaces, gas fired furnaces, and heat pumps, especially the use of heat pumps to achieve closed-loop drying processes

5) The overall design adopts a building block structure, with high standardization, generalization, and serialization levels. The drying oven is 2 * 2 meters long, and can be configured in different configurations such as one trailer one, one trailer two, one trailer three, one trailer four, and one trailer five according to needs

6) The entire machine design adopts a fast loading structural process, and the box boards are connected with buckles, which is convenient, fast, and firm, making it easy to relocate, transport, and disassemble equipment for cross regional operations. Short distance transportation can be disassembled and relocated separately according to the heat source and box parts

7) The dryer can be designed with a mobile chassis to form a mobile dryer and achieve mobile drying operations

8) The new box dryer has a heat source part (combustion machine, combustion chamber, hot air chamber or heat pump), an air exchange device, a drying box, and an electronic control detection system (detecting the air temperature and humidity at the inlet and outlet, as well as the air temperature and humidity in the upper and lower air chambers, and setting sampling ports at different positions to detect the humidity of materials)

9) The flat bed sieve plate is designed as an assembly type, making it easy to change the size of the sieve hole according to the shape and size of the material

keyword: 5HPS-8 low temperature/static/no crushing horizontal seed dryer

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