5HZDX-10 low temperature/low cycle/low crushing vertical seed dryer

summary:Main purpose:



1. Main purpose:

Suitable for drying rice, corn, wheat, rapeseed and other grain seeds, as well as drying easily broken long grain rice and legume crops

2. Structure and parameters:

This machine is composed of a heat source part, a dryer body, an elevator, an electronic control detection system, a dust removal system, etc

4.6x3.2x10.8m in length, width, and height, with a drying room volume of 23m ³, The drying temperature is 43 ° C, the precipitation rate is 0.8-1.0/h, and the increase rate of mechanical crushing is less than 0.1%

3. Main features:

1) Adopting internationally advanced low-temperature low circulation full section mixed flow drying technology, the length of the drying section is more than three times that of a grain dryer. The seeds flow from top to bottom between the staggered pentagonal inlet and outlet ducts, and are evenly heated in all directions. Throughout the entire drying process, the rice seeds are only circulated 1+times, ensuring uniformity in drying and avoiding the problem of large fragmentation in current circular drying

2) The top feeding and bottom discharging of the dryer adopt chutes to avoid mechanical crushing of the seeds by the original agitator

3) The main fan uses negative pressure induced air to suck hot air into the seed layer, and a dust removal fan is installed at the top grain pipe to reduce dust emission. After drying, the impurities in the seeds are reduced, and the environment is clean

4) The dryer is equipped with a closed air device, which can be suitable for drying small batches of seeds

keyword: 5HZDX-10 low temperature/low cycle/low crushing vertical seed dryer

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