GRD series hot air circulation oven


5HTZ series continuous seed dryer

Product introduction: This model is mainly suitable for granular seeds such as corn, wheat, sorghum, etc.


5HZ-12 inclined bed dryer

The 5HZ-12 inclined bed dryer is a specialized dryer for drying small batches of traditional Chinese medicine such as corn ears, maca, and chuanxiong. It can also be used to dry other block or granular materials.



What to do if corn is overly controlled? Do both well to recover

Corn spray control agent can reduce plant height and panicle height, promote root growth, improve lodging resistance, promote ear development, improve corn yield and quality and many other advantages, widely used in corn production, but due to a variety of reasons, there is excessive control of wang, how to take remedial measures?


Academician Luo Xiwen has released a new work, the first "flower rice flower" unmanned farm does this!

"Qingyuan 'Hua Daohua' unmanned farm rice live broadcast, start now! With the order of Luo Xiwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of South China Agricultural University, the technicians officially started the software program, and an unmanned rice live broadcast machine began to sow rice in the field according to the preset program and route, and could realize automatic turning and obstacle avoidance, and soon a large field was sown with the seeds of "19 fragrant" silk seedlings.